Для специалистов / English for Specific Purposes
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Сергеева Г.Б. Сборник текстов и заданий на английском языке для практических занятий и самостоятельной работы
Харьков: ХНАМГ, 2007.- 62 с. Для студентов специальности 6.070900 Геоинформационные системы и технологии.
The methodical recommendations are designed to help intermediate leaers of geographic information systems (GIS) master and improve their active vocabulary. It is for leaers studying English for specific purposes and for those who will need English in their job.
The booklet presents 15 units the information of which explains how, and why people use GIS and is also supported by the description of the GIS application by many organizations.
Only authentic materials are offered to the students.
Each unit presents a set of tasks which helps students integrate their skills in reading, writing and skills of vocabulary enlarging. The students are also expected to develop strong skills for vocabulary recording and memorizing.
The tasks cover topics relevant to the students to widen and deepen their knowledge in the subject.
The tasks can be done both in class or at home (as self-study) with further discussing and evaluating of the results.
Depending on the teacher’s project as well as leaing styles of the students some tasks or units can be omitted without damaging the aim of the present methodical recommendations.
We hope that the students will not only lea a lot but will also enjoy doing the tasks.