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Шпоры на экзамен по английскому языку (теор. грамматика, история языка, стилистика, лексикология)
Кафедра германской филологии, ответы на следующие теоретические вопросы:
The Phonological System of Old English.
The Main Characteristics of Old English.
Modification of Category Noun in Middle English.
The Verb in Old English.
Title as the Coding Unit of the Text.
Actual Division of the Sentence.
Syntax and Its Object the Problem of a Sentence Definition.
Grammatical Classes of Words
Methods of Sentence Analysis. Grammar of Subordination Constituent Grammar.
Sentence in Traditional Syntax.
Paradigmatic Structure of the Sentence
Verb. Morphological Classification of Verbs.
Categorial Structure of the Word.
Grammatical Classes of Words.
Text Linguistics.
Noun. Morphological Classes.
Adjective. Morphological Classification.
Verb. Grammatical Category of Voice.
Lexical Expressive Means.
The Article and Its Stylistic Potential
Stylistics of the Text.
Distinctive Linguistic Features of the Major Functional
Styles of English
Syntactical Stylistic Devices.
Language Varieties.
The Semantic Structure and Semantic Changes of English
Morphology: General Principals. Structure of English
The Etymology of English Words.
Synonyms, Euphemisms and Antonyms.
Phraseological Units and the Principles of their Classificatic
Word Building. Principal Ways of Word Formation