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Singh N. (ed.) Radioisotopes - Applications in Physical Sciences
InTech. 2011. 508 p.

The book Radioisotopes - Applications in Physical Sciences is divided into three sections namely: Radioisotopes and Some Physical Aspects, Radioisotopes in Environment and Radioisotopes in Power System Space Applications. Section I contains nine chapters on radioisotopes and production and their various applications in some physical and chemical processes. In Section II, ten chapters on the applications of radioisotopes in environment have been added. The interesting articles related to soil, water, environmental dosimetry/tracer and composition analyzer etc. are worth reading. Section III has three chapters on the use of radioisotopes in power systems which generate electrical power by converting heat released from the nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes. The system has to be flown in space for space exploration and radioisotopes can be a good alteative for heat-to-electrical energy conversion. The reader will very much benefit from the chapters presented in this section.



Radioisotopes and Some Physical Aspects

Natural Occurring Radionuclide Materials
Research Reactor Fuel Fabrication to Produce Radioisotopes
Application of Enriched Stable Isotopes in Element Uptake and Translocation in Plant
Diffusion Experiment in Lithium Ionic Conductors with the Radiotracer of 8Li
Determination of Chemical State and Exteal Magnetic Field Effect on the Energy Shifts and X-Ray Intensity Ratios of Yttrium and Its Compounds
Angular Dependence of Fluorescence X-Rays and Alignment of Vacancy State Induced by Radioisotopes
Determination of Actinides Using Digital Pulse Processing Analysis
The Newly Calculations of Production Cross Sections for Some Positron Emitting and Single Photon Emitting Radioisotopes in Proton Cyclotrons
History of Applications of Radioactive Sources in Analytical Instruments for Planetary Exploration

Radioisotopes in Environment

Environmental Dosimetry – Measurements and Calculations
Radiological Survey in Soil of South America
Radioactivity in Marine Salts and Sediments
Utilizing Radioisotopes for Trace Metal Speciation Measurements in Seawater
Cesium (137Cs and 133Cs), Potassium and Rubidium in Macromycete Fungi and Sphagnum Plants
Body Composition Analyzer Based on PGNAA Method
Transportation Pathway of Potassium and Phosphorous in Grape Fruit
Intercellular Communication in Response to Radiation Induced Stress: Bystander Effects in Vitro and in Vivo and Their Possible Clinical Implications
The Potential Of I-129 as an Environmental Tracer
Hydrodynamic Characterization of Industrial Flotation Machines Using Radioisotopes

Radioisotopes in Power System Applications

Radioisotope Power: A Key Technology for Deep Space Exploration
Radioisotope Power Systems for Space Applications
U.S. Space Radioisotope Power Systems and Applications: Past, Present and Future
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