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Тесты по английскому языку
Учебная лексика
You are supposed to lea this poem …
Success in one _ doesn’t influence another.
The teacher will assess your paper only after you _it.
Universities _ students on the results of entrance exams.
If you need to _ teacher’s attention, just put your hand up.
The teacher’s kind words _ children to work more and better.
College education in the USA is aimed at the development of _ skills.
Деловая лексика
On looking through the report I see that your _are way over your budget.
The company made a public _ that the prices would decrease.
Bids had to be in by 6.00 and we put ours in ten minutes before the …
We did badly in the Japanese market so eventually we decided to cut our _ and stop.
They managed to buy the equipment for less than the asking …
Our income is low so we're going to have to _ budgets in every single department.
His advice on investing the money was …
Профессиональная лексика
All forms of capital _ in the long run.
The ______ of the loan is spread over 25 years.
If you can’t pay the whole sum of money for the product immediately you can use a ______ payment.
Термины (Дефиниции)
The difference between the buying and selling price of goods is …
Selling the same goods for a lower price abroad than at home is …
Money paid by a govement to reduce the costs of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low is a …
The difference between the buying and selling price of goods is …
A situation in which there is not enough of something that people need is a …
Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий
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