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The 2nd International Workshop on Fast Neutron Detectors and Applications (FNDA 2011) Session Neutron Detection
Материалы 2-го Международного совещания по детекторам быстрых нейтронов и их применению (FNDA 2011). На совещании было представлено более 70 докладов, в которых показаны последние достижения в области создания детекторов и источников быстрых нейтронов в диапазоне энергий от кэВ до ГэВ и их применения в различных областях науки и техники. Представлены презентации устных докладов секции "Регистрация нейтронов".

SESSION 01 - Neutron Detection I
Fast Neutron Detectors for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments by Robert HAIGHT (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
N-GEM Neutron Diagnostic for High Power Deuterium Beams by Giuseppe GORINI (Milano-Bicocca University)
Specific Features of OF 3-D Detection Arrays of Plastic Scintillators by Vitaly MIKEROV (All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics)
Fast Neutron Detection with Pressurized He-4 Scintillation Detectors by Rico CHANDRA (Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd)
Fast neutron spectrometry at low temperature with bolometers containing lithium-6: from single heat detectors to dual scintillating ones by Pierre DE MARCILLAC (CNRS-IAS)
SESSION 02 - Neutron Detection II
Two Detector Arrays for Fast Neutrons at LANSCE by Robert HAIGHT (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
A New Recoil Proton Telescope for the characterisation of fast neutron fields in the range 5 MeV-20 MeV by Julien TAFOREAU (Institut de radioprotection et de surete nucleaire (IRSN))
Liquid Scintillators and Composites in Fast Neutron Detection by Joanna IWANOWSKA (Soltan Institute For Nuclear Studies)
Parameters affecting Image Quality of the Time-Resolved Optical Integrative Neutron (TRION) Detector by Ilan MOR (PTB)
SESSION 05 - Neutron Detection III
Neutron Electrometric Sensors by Vitaly MIKEROV (All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics)
Threshold Activation Detectors (TAD) for the Detection of Fast Neutrons in Harsh Environments by Tsahi GOZANI (Rapiscan Systems laboratories)
Towards High Efficiency Thermal and Fast Solid-State Neutron Detectors by Yaron DANON (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180, U.S.A.) not available
SESSION 12 - Neutron Detection IV
The Development of a High Flux Neutron Detection System by Thifhelimbilu Daphney SINGO (Physics Department, University of Stellenbosch)
Neutron measurements with Time-Resolved Event-Counting Optical Radiation (TRECOR) detector by Michal BRANDIS (Soreq NRC, Israel)
Liquefied Noble Gas Detectors for Non Intrusive Inspection Systems for Nuclear and Other Threats by Tsahi GOZANI (Rapiscan Systems laboratories)
A novel liquid-xenon detector concept for combined Fast-Neutron and Gamma Imaging and Spectroscopy by Amos BRESKIN (Weizmann Institute of Science)
SESSION 13 - Neutron Detection V
IAEA Activities in Supporting Fast-Neutron Research and Technology by F. MULHAUSER (IAEA)
Fast Neutron Detector for Fusion Reactor KSTAR by Using Stilbene Scintillator by Yong-Kyun KIM (Hanyang University)
Fast neutron imaging spectrometer based on liquid scintillator loaded capillaries by David VARTSKY (Soreq NRC)
Characterization of the IRSN neutron multisphere spectrometer (HERMEIS) at European standard calibration fields by Adrien CHEMINET (ONERA/IRSN)
Energy-broadened proton beam for production of quasi-stellar neutrons from the 7Li(p,n) reaction near threshold by Yossi EISEN (Nuclear Physics and Engineering Division, Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel)
Characterization of fast neutron spectra produced by several neutron targets using a single crystal diamond detector by Mario PILLON (ENEA)
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