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Thomson Mark. Fast Track to Russian Fluency: Friends & Family
Udemy, 2015. — 38 pages. — MP4 video, 54 kbps.
Видеокурс разговорного русского языка для подготовленных учащихся, построенный на сравнении того, как строится предложение на русском языке и как на английском. Задача учащегося усвоить “строительные конструкции” языка, чтобы научиться самостоятельно изъясняться по-русски.
В данном архиве тема “Friends & Family”: учебник и 17 блоков видеоупражнений.
The goal of Fast Track to Russian Fluency is to tu you into a fluent speaker of Russian on the most common topics of conversation, including “Friends & Family”, “Work & Travel” and “What You Did.” In all, there is approximately five hours of video here, to be consumed in short sessions.
The course is structured around numerous, natural conversations between native speakers. Then, from the conversations the instructor will pull out the constructions and will guide you to fluency with each phrase. The SLT (super-literal translation) will be given for each line, and you’ll lea how to create your own “Construction Branches” which are a key to developing fluency.
You should take this course if you have some experience in Russian but aren’t able to have fluent conversations yet.