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Urry D.W. (Ed.) What Sustains Life? : Consilient Mechanisms for Protein-Based Machines and Materials
Springer Science-i-Business Media, 2006, 632 pages

This book brings together three decades worth of collaborative research to address the question "What sustains life?" In part a scientific response to Schr?dinger's work "What is Life?" this text contains elements of memoir, history, and a solid, informative scientific core that will interest the general reader, student, and professional researcher.

What Sustains Life? An Overview
The Pilgrimage: Highhghts in Our Understanding of Products and Components of Living Organisms
Likehhood of Life's Protein Machines: Extravagant in Construction Yet Efficient in Function
Consilient Mechanisms for Diverse Protein-based Machines: The Efficient Comprehensive Hydrophobic Effect
On the Evolution of Protein-based Machines: Toward Complexity of Structure and Diversity of Function
Biology Thrives Near a Movable Cusp of Insolubility
Consihent Mechanisms for the Protein-based Machines of Biology
Advanced Materials for the Future: Protein-based Materials with Potential to Sustain Individual Health and Societal Development
Mechanics of Elastin: Molecular Mechanism of Biological Elasticity and Its Relationship to Contraction
Development of Elastic Protein-based Polymers as Materials for Acoustic Absorption
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