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Walsh P.P., Fletcher P. Gas Turbine Performance
Second Edition, Blackwell Science, 2004. Contents - Gas Turbine Engine Applications. The Operational Envelope. Properties and Charts for Dry Air, Combustion Products and other
Working Fluids. Dimensionless, Quasidimensionless, Referred and Scaling Parameter Groups. Gas Turbine Engine Components. Design Point Performance and Engine Concept Design. Off Design Performance. Transient Performance. Starting. Windmilling. Engine Performance Testing. The Effects of Water – Liquid, Steam and Ice. Fuel and Oil Properties and their Impact. Performance of In-Service Products. Performance and the Economics of Gas Turbine Engines.
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Cohen H., Rogers GFC, Saravanamuttoo HIH. Gas Turbine Theory Gas Turbine

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4-th edition Longman Group Limited, 1996. – 455 p. ISBN 0-582-23632-0 Since the third edition in 1987, the gas turbine has been found to be suitable for an increasing number of applications, and this is reflected in the new Introduction. Gas turbines are becoming widely used for base-load electricity generation, as part of combined-cycle plant, and combined cycles receive more attention in this edition. With the increased use of gas turbines, co...

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Horlock J.H. Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles

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Elsevier Science Ltd., 2003 - 230 p. ISBN: 0-08-044273-0 This book describes the thermodynamics of gas turbine cycles. The search for high gas turbine efficiency has produced many suggestions for variations on the simple open circuit plant.

Lewis R.I. Turbomachinery Performance Analysis

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1 edition. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1996. 328 p. ISBN-10:0340631910. This overview to performance analysis places aero- and fluid-dynamic treatments, such as cascade and meridional flow analyses, within the broader context of turbomachine performance analysis. For the first time ducted propellers are treated formally within the general family of turbomachines. It also presents a new approach to the use of dimensional analysis which links the over...

Mattingly J.D. Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines And Rockets

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AIAA, 2006. 867 p. ISBN1563477793 This text provides a complete introduction to gas turbine and rocket propulsion for aerospace and mechanical engineers. Building on the very successful Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion, textbook coverage has been expanded to include rocket propulsion and the material on gas dynamics has been dramatically improved. The text is divided into four parts: basic concepts and gas dynamics; analysis of rocket propuls...

Schobeiri M. Turbomachinery Flow Physics and Dynamic Performance

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Springer, 2004. 522p. ISBN:3540223681 Over the past three decades turbomachines experienced a steep increase in efficiency and performance. Based on fundamental principles of turbomachinery thermo-fluid mechanics, numerous CFD based calculation methods are being developed to simulate the complex 3-dimensional, highly unsteady turbulent flow within turbine or compressor stages. The objective of this book is to present the fundamental principals...

Soares Claire. Gas Turbine

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A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications Gas turbine engineers in all sectors, disciplines, and specialties, who looked at the draft, have told me they found its contents useful. Just as importantly, they gleaned information from others’ applications. So besides imparting applications and basic design knowledge, this book is meant to get readers to think across disciplines, across land, sea, and air to the heart of this emanding, powerful and...

The jet engine

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Rolls-Royce plc 1986 Fifth edition. Reprinted 1996 with revisions. 292 p. ISBN 0902121 235 This book has been written to provide a simple and self-contained description of the working and underlying principles of the aero gas turbine engine. The use of complex formulae and the language of the specialist have been avoided to allow for a clear and concise presentation of the essential facts. Only such description and formulae, therefore, as are nec...