Геологические науки и горное дело
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Bercman D.A. Field Geologists' Manual. Monograph #9
Монография "Полевая геология" на английском языке.

The Australasian institute of mining and metallurgy. Fourth edition - 2001 y. 395 pages (на англ. яз)

This manual is intended to provide, in one volume, a broad selection of basic material which may be required by
a geologist during the course of his work. It is an attempt, with some personal bias, to abstract those critical parts of
a reference library (to which all geologists require reasonable access) which may be of use during short term field
projects. Obviously a geologist on a major and long term field investigation should have access to a number of
textbooks to supplement the minimal data supplied here, and be provided with specific detailed material relating to
the particular enquiry. Specialists may find that their individual area of knowledge has been only briefly covered,
but as far as possible classifications which are widely accepted have been used—and these are often the simplest.
This is not intended to be another textbook or recipe book, as in many cases the preliminary steps are not
explained, and a standard of training or scholarship is assumed. The sources of individual sections (shown as
footnotes), and several bibliographies, have been added for further reference. In some instances established or most
suitable procedures are included where these are not readily available or not usually known. For topics in which
employers or individuals have a standardised routine (e.g. the description of outcrops), only categories of
information which should be recorded have been listed.
The first draft of the manual was compiled over a period of five years, with considerable help in areas of
specialised knowledge from the staff of the Bureau of Mineral Resources (for geological mapping, geophysics), the
Geological Survey of New South Wales (for engineering geology, geohydrology) and Tennant Trading (Aust. ) Pty.
Ltd. (for commercial factors for common ores). With financial support from the Sydney Branch of The Institute,
65 copies of the first draft were produced, and circulated to the major Australian geological organisations in order
to obtain an indication of the likely demand for the manual, and the type of information which should be included.
The concept was generally favourably received, and a wide variety of alteative and additional information was
contributed. Aid from those organisations which offered further material is acknowledged opposite as a list of
cooperating organisations.
The final draft, incorporating most of these suggestions, was composed with the advice of K R Glasson,
M J Lawrence, and K G Mosher of the Sydney Branch Committee of The Institute. The volume was prepared for
printing by W R Ryall, and edited by him with my assistance, based on advice readily provided by The Institute
Honorary Editor, J T Woodcock. I am obliged to the Council and Sydney Branch Committee of The Institute, and
to the CSIRO Minerals Research Laboratories, for the financial support which made possible the publication of the
I am particularly grateful to my employer, Australian Oil and Gas Corporation Limited, for encouragement and
aid with this project from its inception.
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