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Bhushan B., Fuchs H. (Eds.) Applied Scanning ProbeMethods III. Characterization
Springer, 2006. 378 р. NanoScience and Technology
Contents – Volume III
Atomic ForceMicroscopy in Nanomedicine
Dessy Nikova, Tobias Lange, Hans Oberleithner,
Hermann Schillers, Andreas Ebner, Peter Hinterdorfer
Scanning ProbeMicroscopy:
FromLiving Cells to the Subatomic Range
Ille C. Gebeshuber, Manfred Drack, Friedrich Aumayr,
Hannspeter Winter, Friedrich Franek
Surface Characterization and Adhesion and Friction Properties
of Hydrophobic Leaf Surfaces and Nanopatteed Polymers for Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Zachary Burton, Bharat Bhushan
ProbingMacromolecular Dynamics and the Influence of Finite Size Effects
Scott Sills, Ren? M. Oveey
Investigation of Organic Supramolecules by Scanning ProbeMicroscopy in Ultra-High Vacuum
Laurent Nony, Enrico Gnecco, Est Meyer
One- and Two-Dimensional Systems: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Organic and Inorganic Structures
Luca Gavioli, Massimo Sancrott
Scanning Probe Microscopy Applied to Ferroelectric Materials
Oleg Tikhomirov, Massimiliano Labardi, Maria Allegrini
Morphological and Tribological Characterization of Rough Surfaces by Atomic Force Microscopy
Renato Buzio, Ugo Valbusa
AFMApplications for Contact andWear Simulation
Nikolai K. Myshkin, Mark I. Petrokovets, Alexander V. Kovalev
AFMApplications for Analysis of Fullerene-Like Nanoparticles
Lev Rapoport, Armen Verdyan
Scanning ProbeMethods in theMagnetic Tape Industry
James K. Knudsen
Subject Index
Contents – Volume II
Higher Harmonics in Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy
Robert W. Stark, Martin Stark
Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy
Ute Rabe
Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
Tilman E. Sch?ffer, Boris Anczykowski, Harald Fuchs
Spin-Polarized Scanning TunnelingMicroscopy
Wulf Wulfhekel, Uta Schlickum, J?rgen Kirschner
Dynamic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Ferry Kienberger, Hermann Gruber, Peter Hinterdorfer
Sensor Technology for Scanning ProbeMicroscopy
and New Applications
Egbert Oesterschulze, Leon Abelmann, Aout van den Bos,
Rainer Kassing, Nicole Lawrence, Gunther Wittstock,
Christiane Ziegler
Quantitative NanomechanicalMeasurements in Biology
Ma?gorzata Lekka, Andrzej J. Kulik
ScanningMicrodeformation Microscopy:
Subsurface Imaging andMeasurement of Elastic Constants аt Mesoscopic Scale
Pascal Vairac, Beard Cretin
Electrostatic Force and Force GradientMicroscopy:
Principles, Points of Interest and Application to Characterisation
of SemiconductorMaterials and Devices
Paul Girard, Alexander Nikolaevitch Titkov
Polarization-Modulation Techniques in Near-Field Optical Microscopy
for Imaging of Polarization Anisotropy in Photonic Nanostructures
Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi, Ruggero Micheletto, Yoichi Kawakami,
Maria Allegrini
Focused Ion Beamas a Scanning Probe: Methods and Applications
Vittoria Raffa, Piero Castrataro, Arianna Menciassi, Paolo Dario
Contents – Volume IV
Scanning Probe Lithography for Chemical,
Biological and Engineering Applications
Joseph M. Kinsella, Albena Ivanisevic
Nanotribological Characterization of Human Hair and Skin
Using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Bharat Bhushan, Carmen LaTorre
Nanofabrication with Self-Assembled Monolayers
by Scanning Probe Lithography
Jayne C. Gao, James D. Batteas
Fabrication of Nanometer-Scale Structures
by Local Oxidation Nanolithography
Marta Tello, Feando Garc?a, Ricardo Garc?a
Template Effects ofMolecular Assemblies Studied
by Scanning TunnelingMicroscopy (STM)
Chen Wang, Chunli Ba
Microfabricated Cantilever Array Sensors for (Bio-)Chemical Detection
Hans Peter Lang, Martin Hegner, Christoph Gerber
Nano-Thermomechanics: Fundamentals and Application
in Data Storage Devices
B. Gotsmann, U. D?rig
Applications of Heated Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers
Brent A. Nelson, William P. King
Contents – Volume I
Part I Scanning Probe Microscopy
Dynamic Force Microscopy Andr? Schirmeisen, Boris Anczykowski, Harald Fuchs Interfacial Force Microscopy: Selected Applications
Jack E. Houston Atomic Force Microscopy with LateralModulation
Volker Scherer, Michael Reinst?dtler, Walter Aold Sensor Technology for Scanning Probe Microscopy
Egbert Oesterschulze, Rainer Kassing Tip Characterization for Dimensional Nanometrology
John S. Villarrubia
Part II Characterization
Micro/Nanotribology Studies Using Scanning Probe Microscopy
Bharat Bhushan
Visualization of Polymer Structures with Atomic Force Microscopy
Sergei Magonov
Displacement and Strain FieldMeasurements fromSPMImages
J?rgen Keller, Dietmar Vogel, Andreas Schubert, Bed Michel
AFMCharacterization of Semiconductor Line Edge Roughness
Ndubuisi G. Orji, Martha I. Sanchez, Jay Raja,
Theodore V. Vorburger
Mechanical Properties of Self-Assembled Organic Monolayers:
Experimental Techniques andModeling Approaches
Redhouane Henda
Micro-Nano Scale Thermal Imaging Using Scanning ProbeMicroscopy
Li Shi, Arun Majumdar
The Science of Beauty on a Small Scale. Nanotechnologies
Applied to Cosmetic Science
Gustavo Luengo, Fr?d?ric Leroy
Part III Industrial Applications
SPMManipulation andModifications and Their Storage Applications
Sumio Hosaka
Super Density Optical Data Storage by Near-Field Optics
Jun Tominaga
Capacitance Storage Using a Ferroelectric Medium
and a Scanning CapacitanceMicroscope (SCM)
Ryoichi Yamamoto
Room-Temperature Single-Electron Devices
formed by AFMNano-Oxidation Process
Kazuhiko Matsumoto
Subject Index
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