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Bubert H., Jenett H.(Eds.) Surface and thin film analysis: principles, instrumentation, applications
Wiley -VCH, 2002, 352p.
Electron detection
Ion detection
Photon detection
Scanning probe microscopy
Summary and comparison of techniques
Surface and thin film analytical equipment suppliers
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Bennett A.H., Osterberg H., Jupnik H., Richards O.W. Phase Microscopy. Principles and Applications

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Wiley. 1951. 332 p. Introduction to Phase Microscopy An Elementary Theory of Phase Microscopy Instrumentation The Technics of Phase Microscopy Phase Microscopy in Biology and Medicine Industrial Applications of Phase Microscopy

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Surface Science Reports 59 (2005) p.1–152 The atomic force microscope (AFM) is not only a tool to image the topography of solid surfaces at high resolution. It can also be used to measure force-versus-distance curves. Such curves, briefly called force curves, provide valuable information on local material properties such as elasticity, hardness, Hamaker constant, adhesion and surface charge densities. For this reason the measurement of force cur...

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Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002, 302 p. Ultrahigh Vacuum and Vacuum Compatibility of Materials Cryogenic Sample Transfer for Preservation of Surface Chemistry Specimen Handling: Cleaning and Processing Atomically Clean Surfaces of Elemental Solids Specimen Treatments: Surface Preparation of Metal Compound Materials (Mainly Oxides) In Situ Processing by Gas or Alkali Metal Dosing and by Cleavage Chemical Modification of Surfaces Physical and C...

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Springer Science+Business Media, 2011, 237 pages Digital holography is an emerging field of new paradigm in general imaging applications. By replacing the photochemical procedures with electronic imaging and having a direct numerical access to the complex optical field, a wide range of new imaging capabilities become available, many of them difficult or infeasible in conventional holography. An increasing number of researchers—not only in optic...

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Surface Science Reports 66 (2011) р.1–27 journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/surfrep Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) is a tool that enables nanometer-scale imaging of the surface potential on a broad range of materials. KPFM measurements require an understanding of both the details of the instruments and the physics of the measurements to obtain optimal results. The first part of this review will introduce the principles of KPFM and...

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John Wiley & Sons, 2006, 368p. Introduction The Auger Process Instrumentation The Spatial Resolution Forming an Auger Image Image Processing and Interpretation Quanti?cation of Auger Images Applications: Materials Science Applications: Semiconductor Manufacturing Concluding Remarks

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Springer, 1996, 403p. Introduction Theory of Inner Shell Excitation Spectra Symmetry and Molecular Orbitals Experimental and Calculated A-Shell Spectra of Simple Free Molecules Principles, Techniques, and Instrumentation of NEXAFS Spectra of Condensed, Chemlsorbed, and Polymeric Molecules: An Overview Analysis of K-Shell Excitation Spectra by Curve Fitting sigma* Resonance Position and Bond Length The Angular Dependence of Resonance Intensit...

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Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1996, Pages: 463 One of the first books devoted entirely to the subject of Raman microscopy, this volume addresses issues of great interest to engineers working in Raman-microscope development and researchers concerned with areas ofapplication for this science. The book is written by several world recognized experts, who summarize the Raman effect before discussing the hardware and software involved in todays instruments. Th...

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2nd Ed. , 2009, John Wiley & Sons, 666 p. Introduction How do we De?ne the Surface? How Many Atoms in a Surface? Information Required Surface Sensitivity Radiation Effects – Surface Damage Complexity of the Data Auger Electron Spectroscopy Introduction Principle of the Auger Process Instrumentation Quantitative Analysis Depth Pro?le Analysis Summary Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis Overview X-ray Interaction withMatter, t...