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Chomsky Noam, Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
Published 1965, 131 pages.
Methodological Preliminaries.
Categories and Relations in Syntactic Theory.
Deep Structures and Grammatical Transformations.
Some Residual Problems.
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Baerman Matthew, Brown Dunstan, Corbett Greville G. The Syntax-Morphology Interface: A Study of Syncretism

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Cambridge Studies in Linguistics Pages: 303 Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2005) Quality: good: pdf Syncretism-where a single form serves two or more morphosyntactic functions-is a persistent problem at the syntax-morphology interface. It results from a 'mismatch', whereby the syntax of a language makes a particular distinction, but the morphology does not. This pioneering book provides the first full-length study of inflectional syncret...

Chomsky N. Language and Mind

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N. Y. : Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006.— xviii, 190 p. This is the long-awaited third edition of Chomsky’s outstanding collection of essays on language and mind. The first six chapters, originally published in the 1960s, made a groundbreaking contribution to linguistic theory. This new edition complements them with an additional chapter and a new preface, bringing Chomsky’s influential approach into the twenty-first century. Chapters 1—6 present Ch...

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In this profound work Noam Chomsky discusses themes in the study of language and mind science. This edition includes a new and specially written introduction by James McGilvray, contextualizing the work for the 21st century. All the French and German in the original edition has been translated, and the notes and bibliography have been brought up to date.

Chomsky Noam. On Nature and Language

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The first chapter provides an introduction to some basic con- cepts of linguistic theory and to some elements of the history of the fieldwhich are crucial for understanding certain theoretical questions addressed in the following chapters. The second chapter is related to a particular occasion. Chomsky’s sojourn in Siena was organized twenty years after his visit to the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, an event which, through the memorable Pisa...

Chomsky Noam. The Minimalist Program

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Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. 1995 The Theory of Principles and Parameters. A minimalist Program For Linguistic Theory. Categories and Transformations.

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Pages: 432 Publisher: Oxford University Press (2009) Quality: good: pdf This book of new work by leading international scholars considers developments in the study of diachronic linguistics and linguistic theory, including those concerned with the very definition of language change in the biolinguistic framework, parametric change in a minimalist conception of grammar, the tension between the observed gradual nature of language change and the bi...

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The talk starts with a question, why do we discuss Austin now? While answer-ing the question, I will (I) present an interpretation of Austin’s speech act theory, (II) discuss speech act theory after Austin, and (III) extend Austin’s speech act theory by developing the concept of the speech situation. And in the following section, three aspects of the speech situation, that is, (I) conventionality, (II) actuality, and (II) intentionality, will be...

Jackendoff Ray. Patterns In The Mind: Language And Human Nature

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Publisher: Basic Books. Publication date: 1995. Number of pages: 256. Format / Quality: DJVU. From Library Journal. In the late 1950s, Noam Chomsky revolutionized linguistics by proposing that the infant's ability to learn language cannot be explained by simple learning principles but is dependent upon the existence of complex, innate mental structures. Jackendoff explains the current state of Chomskyan theory by organizing his book around the qu...

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Publisher: Prentice Hall. Publication date: September 1982. Number of pages: 160. Format / Quality: PDF. Analyzing English: An Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (Language Courses). "Lexicology deals not only with simple words in all their aspects but also with complex and compound words, the meaningful units of language. Since these units must be analysed in respect of both their form and their meaning, lexicology relies on information deri...

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Lectures on Syntax with special reference to Greek, Latin, and Germanic. This book is an English version of two series of highly acclaimed introductory lectures given by the great Swiss linguist and classical philologist Jacob Wackernagel (1853-1938) at the University of Basle in 1918-19 on aspects of Greek, Latin, and German as languages. Out of print in German since 1996, these lectures remain the best available introduction, in any language, n...