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Хавронина С.А. Говорите по-русcки
Издательство: «Русский язык», 1975, — 236 с.
Предназначена для говорящих на английском языке.
The book is entirely practical and the material it provides is contemporary and frankly utilitarian. It consists of nineteen lessons, each one of which deals with a particular aspect of everyday life.
Each lesson consists of a passage for reading and a set of dialogues on a specific theme followed by notes and exercises.
The passages are given in order of increasing difficulty as regards both subject matter and language. However, as the grammar and syntax do not vary greatly in difficulty from one lesson to another, this order need not be strictly adhered to.
The notes deal mainly with points of grammar, syntax and vocabulary which present difficulty to foreign students of Russian, but some of them are factual.
Each lesson contains a section entitled Memorize, in which certain common expressions are given. It is recommended that they should be leat by heart.
The exercises are intended to stimulate active use of the words, expressions and constructions which occur in the reading passages and dialogues. They include exercises in translation from English into Russian, in renarration of the passage for reading, composition on the topic of the lesson. The Key provided at the end of the book enables the student to check his work. There are also tables of common idiomatic expressions as well as examples of certain syntactical constructions. A comprehensive Russian* English vocabulary is given at the end of the book.