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Jammer M. The philosophy of quantum mechanics: The interpretations of quantum mechanics in historical perspective
John Wiley & Sons, 1974. - 536 pp.
Everyone who has studied quantum physics and is interested in its "philosophical foundations" has no doubt picked up this book, if not to study it in detail, certainly to at least briefly peruse its contents. It is the most widely cited of all books on the philosophy of quantum physics, and apart from discussing the issues most effectively, it also could be used as an introduction to graduate-level quantum physics and the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics.
The book by Max jammer gives a detailed historical overview of the controversy surrounding quantum physics, from a philosophical perspective. It indeed sheds considerable light on the historical context in which quantum mechanics arose, and how its formalism evolved throughout the 20th century. The EPR controversy, the Bohr-Einstein debate, and the rise of many-worlds theories are all fascinating topics, and one can find ample discussion of these by the author. The author is also careful to include a substantial bibliography for serious scholars of quantum physics.
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