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Oates G.C. (Ed.) Aircraft Propulsion Systems Technology and Design
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Washington, University of Washington Seattle, 1989. 528 p. ISBN:0-930403-24-X

Table of Contents
Design and Development of Aircraft Propulsion
Systems, R
.0. Bullock
Engine Design Objectives
Effect of Thermodynamic Variables on Engine Performance
Development of Thrust
Off-Design Performance of Gas Turbine Propulsion Engines
Losses in Available Energy
Interrelations Among Aerodynamic Components
Interaction with Other Specialties
Advanced Flow Calculations
Biography of a Typical Engine
Turbopropulsion Combustion Technology,
R. E. Henderson and W. S. Blazowski
Combustion System Description/Definitions
Component Considerations
Design Tools
Future Requirements
Engine/Airframe Performance Matching, D. B. Morden
Mission Analysis
Optimization of Engine/Airplane Match
Sensitivity and Influence Coefficients
Computer Simulation of Gas Turbine Engines
Inlets and Inlet/Engine Integration, J. L. Younghans and D. L. Paul
Elements of a Successful Inlet/Engine Integration Program
Definition of Subsonic Inlet/Engine Operational Requirements
Definition of Supersonic Inlet/Engine Operational Requirements
Engine Impact on Inlet Design
Inlet Impact on Engine Design
Validation of Inlet/Engine System
Variable Convergent-Divergent Exhaust Nozzle
Aerodynamics, A. P. Kuchar
Nozzle Concept
Performance Predictions
Aerodynamic Load Predictions
Engine Operability, G. Steenken
Stability Assessment
Aerodynamic Interface Plane
Total Pressure Distortion
Total Temperature Distortion
Planar Waves
Analytical Techniques
Aeroelasticity and Unsteady Aerodynamics, F. O. Carta
Overview of Turbomachinery Flutter
Brief Survey of Turbomachinery Flutter Regimes
Elementary Considerations of Aircraft Wing Flutter
Fundamental Differences Between Turbomachinery Flutter and Wing Flutter
Fundamental of Unsteady Aerodynamic Theory for Isolated Airfoils
Unsteady Aerodynamic Theory for Cascaded Airfoils
Dynamic Stall-Empiricism and Experiment
Coupled Blade-Disk-Shroud Stability Theory
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