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Politeness in Language
Part 1: The Theory and History of Linguistic Politeness
Part 2: Empirical Studies in Politeness
Part 3: Politeness in a Non-Weste Cultural Setting
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Презентация - Iwo Iwanow Speech Acts

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A brief analysis of the theory of speech acts. The main issues of the presentation are: Performatives vs. Constatives, Felicity conditions, Locutionary, Illocutionary and Perlocutionary Speech Acts, Indirect speech acts, Remarks on politeness. Ruprecht-Karls-Universit?t Heidelberg, 5p.

Alan Davies, Catherine Elder. The Handbook of Applied Linguistics

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USA Blackwell Publishing, 2004. 886 стр Сборник статей по прикладной лингвистике: по проблемам усвоения иностранного языка, изменениям в корпусе английского языка, дискурс-анализа. Part I: Language Descriptions, Second Language Acquisition, Language Corpora, Discourse Analysis, Language, Thought, and Culture, World Englishes. Part II: Research Methods for Applied Linguistics; Indiviidual Differences in Second Language Learning, Bilingual Educatio...

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Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics (2nd edition). Author: Rene Dirven, Marjolijn Verspoor. Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company. Publication date: May 2004. Language: English. ISBN: 978-1588114853. Number of pages: 274. Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics is designed as a comprehensive introductory text for first and second-year university students of language and linguistics. It provides a chapter on each of...

David Crystal. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press. Date : 1997. Pages : 119 В данном файле 119 отсканированных страниц. В книге всего 488 страниц. Format : PDF. This Second Edition of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language presents a mass of new information and introduces the subject of language to a fresh generation of students and general readers. Probably the most successful general study of language ever published, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language...

Ed. by R. Bayley and C. Lucas. Sociolinguistic Variation

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Why does human language vary from one person, or one group, to another? In what ways does it vary? How do linguists go about studying variation in, say, the sound system or the sentence structure of a particular language? Why is the study of language variation important outside the academic world, in say education, the law, employment or housing? This book provides an overview of these questions, bringing together a team of experts to survey key...

Fromkin V., Rodman R., Hyams N. An Introduction to Language

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Whether you are studying education, languages, psychology, anthropology, English, or teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), AN INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE, International Edition, offers the information you need in a clear and descriptive manner that assumes no prior knowledge of linguistics. The Nature of Human Language. Grammatical Aspects of Language. The Biology and Psychology of Language. Language and Society.

George Yule. Pragmatics

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Pragmatics. Survey. Definitions and background. Deixis and distance. Reference and inference. Presupposition and entailment. Presupposition and entailment. Speech acts and events. Politeness and interaction. Conversation and preference structure. Discourse and culture. Readings

Joan Cutting. Pragmatics and Discourse

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This book is a comprehensive introduction to pragmatics and discourse. It covers the core areas of the subject - context, co-context, speech acts, conversation structure, the cooperative principle and politeness. The book provides classic reading from the key names in the discipline, from Sperber and Wilson to Fairclough. This is an ideal book for anyone begiining to study pragmatics and discourse. Contents. A. Introduction: concepts in pragmatic...

Rajend Mesthrie (Ed.). Concise Encyclopaedia of Sociolinguistics

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– Amsterdam – New York – Oxford – Shannon – Singapore – Tokyo: Elsevier, 2001. – 1031 p. In Concise Encyclopaedia of Sociolinguistics various sociolinguistic problems are viewed, such as sociolinguistics (history and overview); foundations of society and language; language and interaction; language variation: style, situation, function; language variation and change: dialects and social groups; language contact, language, power and inequality; l...

Spolsky B. Language Management

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Cambridge University Press, 2009, 320 pages, File type: PDF, Size: 1,4 mb Language policy is all about choices. If you are bilingual or plurilingual, you have to choose which language to use. Even if you speak only one language, you have choices of dialects and styles. Some of these choices are the result of management, reflecting conscious and explicit efforts by language managers to control the choices. This is the first book to present a speci...