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Rankin David. Celts and the Classical World
Кельты и классический мир. 1987 (первая публикация), 1996. Издательство "Рутледж". Язык: английский. 337 стр.
Кельты и их культура (религия, воины, гендерные отношения) глазами древнеримских и древнегреческих авторов.
- Origins, Languages and Associations
- Massilia, an Early Contact
- Notices in Some Fourth Century BC Authors
- Anthropology and Heroics
- The Second Finest Hour of Hellas
- Tumult, Prejudice and Assimilation: Rome and the Gauls
- Cisalpine Literary Talent
- Celts and Iberians
- The Galatians
- The Celts in Greco-Roman Art
- Britain, a Source of Disquiet
- Ausonius and the Civilisation of Later Roman Gaul
- Celtic Women in the Classical World
- Religion and the Druids
- Concluding Speculations
- Appendix: The Romans and Ireland
- Abbreviations
- Bibliography
- Index
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