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Safety system and plan in oil production - sample program
Texas oil & gas safety group. 2005y -155 pages.
This sample program has been provided as a building block to help in furthering Loss Prevention Efforts.
It should not be used without consideration of the unique conditions and requirements that may exist at your facility and/or at each site. It will/may be necessary to modify/revise this program for your specific needs, and to meet applicable, existing and future standards. REMEMBER, you remain obligated to comply with all applicable local, state and federal standards, rules and regulations. The use of this program, As-Is, does not guarantee compliance has been achieved or met with any applicable requirements, rules and/or regulations. It is strongly suggested that a qualified person review your final program.
The best-written program without implementation is inadequate.
Table of Contents
(SAMPLE) Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Sample Injury/Illness Recordkeeping policy
Sample Personal Protective Equipment policy
Sample Accident Investigation Procedure and Training
Accident Prevention Checklist
Sample Reporting & Recordkeeping Procedure
Oil Rig Breakdown & Set-up
Six (6) commonly used oilfield Chemicals
Useful Miscellaneous Oilfield/Rig Information
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