Грамматические особенности скотс в сравнении со стандартным вариантом английского языка (на материале текстов по тематике folk-history)

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Уральский государственный педагогический университет, Екатеринбург, 2016, 71 с. с приложением. Автор - Морозов А.В. Данная дипломная работа посвящена отличиям грамматики шотландского языка скотс от грамматики стандартного английского языка

Grant W., Dixon M.N. Manual of Modern Scots

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Grant W. , Dixon M.N. Manual of Modern Scots. - Cambridge University Press, 1921. - 500 p. The book is divided into three parts. Part I describes the sounds of Modern Scots with examples of their use written in the alphabet of the International Phonetic Association. Part II contrasts Scots Grammar with Standard English usage and gives copious illustrations from Modern Scottish Literature. Part III consists of a series of extracts from Modern Sc...

Kynoch D., Hamilton J. Teach Yourself Doric: A Course for Beginners

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Kynoch D. , Hamilton J. Teach Yourself Doric: A Course for Beginners. - Scottish Cultural Press, 1994. - 88 p. (Учебник одного из диалектов скотса (англо-шотландского языка). ) This Doric primer appears at a time when the considerable threat to the North-east tongue seems to be matched by a determination that it should not be allowed to die without a struggle. The language used here is, generally speaking, the lively, if somewhat diluted, form...

Young C.P.L. The ScotsGate Scots Grammar

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Young C. P. L. The ScotsGate Scots Grammar. - 2004. - 18 p. Index. Introduction. Articles. A, the. Verbs. Present. Present participle. Simple past tense. Past tense of irregular verbs. Perfect tense. Future tense. Forming the negative. Imperatives. Auxiliary verbs. Nouns. Plurals. Diminutives. Quantifiers. Compound nouns. Possessive forms. Pronouns. Personal pronouns. Possessives. Reflexive pronouns. Relative pronouns. Interrogative pronouns. In...