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Grant W., Dixon M.N. Manual of Modern Scots
Grant W. , Dixon M.N. Manual of Mode Scots. - Cambridge University Press, 1921. - 500 p.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I describes the sounds of Mode Scots with examples of their use written in the alphabet of the Inteational Phonetic Association. Part II contrasts Scots Grammar with Standard English usage and gives copious illustrations from Mode Scottish Literature. Part III consists of a series of extracts from Mode Scots writers and a selection of ballads and songs with phonetic transcriptions. Most of these transcriptions are in Standard Scottish Speech (see Introduction, p. xxi); Extracts XII A, XIII A, XVI A, XVII A, IX B, XIV B, may be described as Standard Scottish with local colour; Extracts VII A, XIV A, XX A, XXII A, XXIV A, are intended to represent the exact speech of definite sub-dialects.
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