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Соловьев П., Савич Е. English for Information & Communication Students (Английский для студентов специальности Информация и коммуникация)
Минск: БГУ, 2007. – 134 с.
English for Information and Communication is written for 1-year students of the Department of Information and Communication of the Faculties of Joualism and Philosophy and Social Sciences and designed for encouraging students to develop their professional and communication skills on the basis of the interactive communicative approach - an approach that enables students to lea from each other as well as from the teacher and the textbook by means of interactive dialogue.
The book is created on the basis of English for Specific Purposes approach that implies English language usage as a tool for students for getting knowledge about their profession, a tool that lets them be aware of the most wide-spread and up-todate strategies and tactics used in their professional field all over the world.
The book consists of 5 units covering the following topics Introduction into Speciality, Levels of Communication, Public Relations in Close-Up, Training Specialists Abroad, Mass Media and Communicating with It. The units are mainly of the same structure that facilitates the process of teaching and leaing and are supplied with materials for listening and visual comprehension, lists of key vocabulary terms, basic and supplementary texts for reading and vocabulary exercises. Each unit has a special section called CommunicAction which main aim is to develop students’ speaking and communicational skills. An important part of the book is the Project Section that lets students demonstrate their professional knowledge and implement it in practice while working on various creative assignments.
The final part of the book – a Toolbox consists of three parts: Professional Writing, Academic Writing and Group Presentation that are intended for giving students practical guidance in various professional written tactics in the field of Information and Communication, such as writing press-releases, pitch-letters, biographies, fact-sheets, newsletters, byliners, academic essay, etc.
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