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Thomas D., Lee E.W., Dang Liem N. (ed.) Chamic Studies
Canberra: The Australian National University, Papers in South East Asian Linguistics No. 4, 1977. — 124 p.
Томас Д., Ли Э.У., Данг Льем Н. (ред.) Исследования по чамским языкам (на англ. яз.)
Haroi Phonemes.
Register in Weste Cham Phonology.
Clause and Sentence Final Particles in Cham.
A Three-Dimensional Analysis of Cham Sentence.
Chru Phonemes.
Devoicing, Aspiration, and Vowel Split in Haroi: Evidence for Register (Contrastive Tongue-Root Position).
Haroi Clauses.