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Williamson R. Field Guide to Optical Fabrication
SPIE Press, 2011. 122 p. ISBN:0819486760

Whether you're an optical designer, optician, shop manager, or optics procurer, a working knowledge of optical fabrication can be invaluable. Have the information at your fingertips with this new Field Guide.

In Field Guide to Optical Fabrication, Ray Williamson distills the extensive knowledge gained from his long career - ranging from his work at the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona to positions at Spectra-Physics, Coherent, and Los Alamos National Lab - into a ready reference for anyone needing to understand optical fabrication.

This Field Guide is a concise reference explaining:

* What every designer should know about fabrication before making final design choices

* How to specify components before they are ordered

* The details of conventional, alteative, and emerging fabrication methods

* How an optical manufacturer plans the work, evaluates product, and the calculations involved
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