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Журнал - The Engine Yearbook 2008
Aviation Industry Press, 2008. 164 p. (Профессиональный журнал по авиационным двигателям)

The looming environmental challenge
Rising to the environmental challenge
Making blue skies greener
Engine lessors and their role in
airline development
Engine insurance and liability
CFM56-3C1 — past, present & future
A select anniversary 4
The 777 engines are operating well,
but some are winding down
Growth and change in the aero-engine
supply chain
Nacelle and thrust reverser MRO
Composite syntactics replace metallic
stiffeners in aero-engines
Advances in aero-engine manufacturin
PMA parts penetration and acceptabili
Powering choice: Pratt & Whitney’s
CFM56 engine parts
Experience counts: sharing engine exper
Parts repair and the engine
maintenance business 9
Pratt & Whitney changing the game w
geared turbofan engine
Keep the engine on-wing
MTU’s erosion-prevention coatings
PAS Technologies leans on throttle for
fast track to process excellence
Obtaining overhaul capability on a
new engine type
Laser deposition — a cost effective
repair process
Engine overhaul directory — worldwi
APU overhaul directory— worldwide
Specialist engine repairs directory
— worldwide
Directory of major commercial aircraft
Directory of major commercial aircraft
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