Геологические науки и горное дело
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Boehm C. The well-site geologist's pocket book
The well-site geologist's pocket book.
Provided by ELF Aquitaine Production.
Редакция C.Boehm и другие, Апрель 1994.
55 стр.

Responsibilities of the wellsite geologist.
Description of cuttings.
Chronology of obligatory operations on cuttings.
Percentage evaluation.
Granulometry - shape - sorting.
Classification of rocks.
Granulometry and crystallinity of cements.
Chemical recognition.
Direct shows - flourescence.
Washable fraction.
Normalized/standard lithological representation.
Coring rules.
Standard operations sequences.
Core description.
Direct oil shows.
ndirect oil shows: extraction.
Estimating oil specific gravity.
Gas shows.
Logging while drilling.
Preparation of the Mwd/Lwd.
Recording Mwd/Lwd.
Wireline logging.
Preparation of the logging operation.
Logging operation procedure.
After the logging operation.
Formation pressure.
Wireline formation testing.
Formation testing open-hole - cased-hole.
Determination of under-compaction.
Detection parameters during drilling.
Mud log.
Final well log.
Core description sheet.
Miscellaneous data.
Drilling data.
Mud data.
Geological data.
Standard conversion rates.
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