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Endo M., Iijima S., Dresselhaus M.S. (eds.) Carbon nanotubes
Pergamon, 1996, 202s PSa
M. Endo, S. Iijima and M. S. Dresselhaus: Editorial
M. S. Dresselhaus: Preface: Carbon nanotubes.
M. Endo, K. Takeuchi, K. Kobori, K. Takanashi, H. W. Kroto and A. Sarkar: Pyrolytic carbon nanotubes from vapor-grown carbon fibers
D. T. Colbert and R. E. Smalley: Electric effects in nanotube growth.
V. Ivanoy, A. Fonseca, J. B. Nagy, A. Lucas, P. Lambin, D. Beaerts and X. B. Zhang: Catalytic production and purification of nanotubes having fullerenescale diameters.
M. S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus and R. Saito: Physics of carbon nanotubes
J. W. Mintmire and C. T. White: Electronic and structural properties of carbon
C. H. Kiang, W. A. Goddard, R. Beyers and D. S. Bethune: Carbon nanotubes with single layer walls.
R. Setton: Carbon nanotubes: I. Geometrical considerations.
K. Sattler: Scanning tunneling microscopy of carbon nanotubes and nanocones.
T. W. Ebbesen and T. Takada: Topological and SP3 defect structures in nanotubes
S. Ihara and S. Itoh: Helically coiled and torodial cage forms of graphitic carbon.
A. Fonseca, K. Heardi, J. B. Nagy, P. H. Lambin and A. A. Lucas: Model structure of perfectly graphitizable coiled carbon nanotubes.
A. Sarkar, H. W. Kroto and M. Endo: Hemi-toroidal networks in pyrolytic carbon
X. K. Wang, X. W. Lin, S. N. Song, V. P. Dravid, J. B. Ketterson and R. P. H. Chang: Properties of buckytubes and derivatives.
J. P. Issi, L. Langer, J. Heremans and C. H. Olk: Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes: Experimental results.
P. C. Eklund, J. M. Holden and R. A. Jishi: Vibrational modes of carbon nanotubes: Spectroscopy and theory.
R. S. Ruoff and D. C. Koset: Mechanical and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes.
J. IF. Despres, E. Daguerre and K. Lafdi: Flexibility of graphene layers in carbon nanotubes.
V. Y. Saito: Nanoparticles and filled nanocapsules.
D. Ugarte: Onion-like graphitic particles.
U. Zimmerman. N. Malinowski. A . Burkhart and T. P. Martin: Metalcoated fullerenes.
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