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Houghton D.P. Political Psychology: Situations, Individuals, and Cases
-Routledge. -Taylor & Francis Group New York and London. -2009. –293 p.

David Patrick Houghton is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida.
What shapes political behavior more: the situations in which individuals find themselves, or the inteal psychological makeup-beliefs, values, and so on-of those individuals? This is perhaps the leading division within the psychological study of politics today. Political Psychology: Situations, Individuals, and Cases provides a concise, readable, and conceptually organized introduction to the topic of political psychology by examining this very question.
Using this situationism-dispositionism framework-which roughly parallels the conces of social and cognitive psychology-this book focuses on such key explanatory mechanisms as behaviorism, obedience, personality, group-think, cognition, affect, emotion, and neuroscience to explore topics ranging from voting behavior and racism to terrorism and inteational relations.
Houghton's clear and engaging examples directly challenge students to place themselves in both real and hypothetical situations which involve intense moral and political dilemmas. This highly readable text will provide students with the conceptual foundation they need to make sense of the rapidly changing and increasingly important field of political psychology.

The Conceptual Scheme of This Book.
A Brief History of the Discipline.

The Situation.
Behaviorism and Human Freedom.
The Psychology of Obedience.
Creating a "Bad Barrel".
Group Decision-Making.

The Individual.
Personality and Beliefs.
Affect and Emotion.

Bringing the Two Together.
The Psychology of Voting Behavior.
The Psychology of Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and Genocide.
The Psychology of Racism and Political Intolerance.
The Psychology of Terrorism
The Psychology of Inteational Relations.
Conclusion: A Personal View.
Notes Index.

List of Figures and Tables.

The relationship between political science and other fields.
The cards used in Solomon Asch's experiments on social pressure.
M.C. Escher's "Circle Limit IV".
Zimbardo's interpretation of the Stanford experiment.
One of the photos released in 2004 showing U.S. servicemen torturing detainees at Abu Ghraib prison.

A summary of the features of the Homo economicus and Homo psychologicus models.
A summary of the arguments for and against behaviorism.
A summary of some of the arguments for and against Milgram's obedience paradigm.
A summary of the arguments for and against Zimbardo's "bad barrel" approach.
Barber's characterization of mode presidents.
Solidarity and Status dimensions.

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