Hagen H. (ed.) Curve and Surface Design

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Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1992, -216 pp. Curve and surface design in industrial applications still has many unresolved issues, even though research in this field has been ongoing for more than 30 years. This book is a collection of new ideas and results on topics of curve and surface design. It is intended not only for research in the academic environment, but for practical use in industrial applications. The starting point...

Презентация - Основні пристрої та поняття комп'ютерної графіки

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ВВПК ім. А.Ю. Кримського, 2012, викладач: Поліщук Н.В. 28 слайдів. План: - Види комп’ютерної графіки. - Моделі кольорів. - Формати графічних зображень. Комп'ютерна графіка - це поняття, яке включає в себе ввід, обробку та виведення зображень, креслень, текстів засобами обчислювальної техніки. Існує чотири види комп'ютерної графіки: растрова, векторна, фрактальна, тривимірна.rn

Мартышевский Ю.В. Применение фракталов для обработки изображений в телевизионных автоматических системах

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Это статья является одним из докладов Томского Государственного Университета Систем Управления и Радиоэлектроники (ТУСУР) от Декабря (№6) 2006 [стр. 57-62] Рассмотрены возможности применения фракталов для обработки изображений в телевизионных автоматических системах. Исследован алгоритм фрактального сжатия монохромных телевизионных изображений. Полученные результаты показывают эффективность алгоритма применения в мобильных телевизионных автомати...

Birn J. Digital Lighting & Rendering

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Издательство New Riders, 2006, -406 pp. To help you make better 3D renderings, this book fuses information from several fields. In these pages you will find concepts and techniques from professional cinematography, design principles from traditional visual arts, practical advice based on professional film production experience, and plain-English explanations of the latest science behind the scenes. You should read this book when you have at leas...

Thalmann D., Musse S.R. Crowd Simulation

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Издательство Springer, 2007, -249 pp. This book surveys algorithms and techniques of crowd simulation, and is intended for graduate students, researchers, and professionals. In particular, computer animation researchers, developers, designers, and urban planners will greatly benefit from this book. In 1996, when the authors started researching into crowd simulation, there was very little material available on crowd simulation in the Computer Sci...

Salomon D. Curves and Surfaces for Computer Graphics

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Springer, 2005, 460 pages, ISBN: 0387241965 Computer graphics is important in many areas including engineering design, architecture, education, and computer art and animation. This book examines a wide array of current methods used in creating real-looking objects in the computer, one of the main aims of computer graphics. Key features: * Good foundational mathematical introduction to curves and surfaces; no advanced math required * Topics o...

Іванов М.І., Гуменюк О.Ю., Міщук О.М., Шаргородський С.А. Комп’ютерна графіка

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Навчальний посібник. / М.І. Іванов, О.Ю. Гуменюк, О.М. Міщук, С.А. Шаргородський. — Вінниця. 2011 - 129 с. Посібник призначений для практичної підготовки студентів — виконання лабораторних робіт. До його складу входять короткі теоретичні відомості, порядок виконання роботи, вимоги до оформлення звіту, питання для самоконтролю знань студентів, список літератури. Зміст Вступ Лабораторна робота № 1. Основи роботи із графічним редактором КОМПАС 3D....

Szirmay-Kalos L. Monte-Carlo Methods In Global Illumination

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Szirmay-Kalos L. Monte-Carlo Methods In Global Illumination. nstitute of Computer Graphics Vienna University of Technology, 2000. - 123 с. Достаточно подробно описаны методы Монте-Карло для глобального освещения (в том числе и метод русской рулетки), приведены описание задачи глобального освещения, описание моделей освещения, реализация стохастической трассировки лучей на языке C++ с диаграммой классов и диаграммой последовательностей. Introduc...

Salzmann M., Fua P. Deformable Surface 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Images

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Издательство Morgan & Claypool, 2011, -113 pp. Being able to recover the shape of 3D deformable surfaces from a single video stream would make it possible to field reconstruction systems that run on widely available hardware without requiring specialized devices. However, because many different 3D shapes can have virtually the same projection, such monocular shape recovery is inherently ambiguous. In this survey,we will reviewthe two main cl...

Warren J., Weimer H. Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design. A Constructive Approach

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Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 2002, -316 pp. Considerable effort has been expended over the last forty years in the area of geometric design, the goal of which is to develop efficient and flexible representations of complex shapes. Applications of geometric design are broad and varied; they include aerospace and automotive design, industrial design, and computer animation for interactive games, commercials, and full-length feature films. B?zier...

Paquette A. Computer Graphics for Artists: An Introduction

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Sрringеr-Verlag, 2008. - 272 pages. This book is about computer graphics; it is not about computer graphics applications. In this book, you will learn the meaning and usage of computer graphics tools and terminology, but more importantly, the basic observation skills needed to do something great with that knowledge. This issue is an application-independent, reader-friendly primer for anyone with a serious desire to understand 3D Computer Graphi...

Paquette A. Computer Graphics for Artists II: Environments and Characters

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Sрringеr, 2009. - 349 pages. In this issue specific problems related to the creation of Computer Graphic environments and characters are explored. For the Computer Graphic artist, knowledge of tools is important, but what is even more important, and the subject of this book, is understanding problems and solutions encountered by artists who create environments and characters. This book is application-independent, but builds on information pu...

Blinn J. Jim Blinn’s Corner. Notation, Notation, Notation

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Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 2003, -337 pp. This book is the third collection of articles originally published in the IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications journal. All of these articles, of course, have something to do with computer graphics. The first four were originally written at Caltech and describe how I drew planets for the JPL flyby movies. The rest of them were written after I came to Microsoft Research and cover a pretty wide range...

Sharpe J., Lumsden C.L., Woolridge N. In Silico. 3D Animation and Simulation of Cell Biology with Maya and MEL

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Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 2008, -649 pp. If, like us, you are involved with the study of cells and cell biology, or if your work takes inspiration from the organic world, this book is for you. We have written In Silico for the diverse creative community — scientists, artists, media designers, students, and hobbyists — now deeply involved with the living cell as a key to unlocking the complexity of organic matter and a gateway to powerful new...

Rogers D.F. Introduction to NURBS. With Historical Perspective

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Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 2001, -343 pp. NonUniform Rational B-Splines, or NURBS, grew out of the pioneering work of Pierre B?zier's development of B?zier curves and surfaces in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Because of their increased power and flexibility, B-spline curves and surfaces rapidly followed. Rational and nonuniform rational B-spline curves and surfaces added both greater flexibility and precision. Especially important is the ab...

Brinkmann R. The Art and Science of Digital Compositing

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Издательство Morgan Kaufmann, 1999, -383 pp. This book is about creating images. It will discuss a number of different tools that can be used to create these images, but it is not a book about tools. In the years that I have been involved with the field of digital compositing, there have been dramatic increases in the power and flexibility of the tools that are available. But the basic concepts have remained the same, and this will most likely c...

Reas С., Fry B. Processing: a Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists

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Издательство MIT Press, 2007, -737 pp. At MIT, the full-time graduate studio that I administer attracts a uniquely gifted lot: people who have a fundamental balance issue in the way they approach the computer as an expressive medium. On the one hand, they don’t want the programming code to get in the way of their designs or artistic desires; on the other hand, without hesitation they write sophisticated computer codes to discover new visual path...

Вознюк Тарас, Терещенко Василий. К построению эффективного решения задачи пересечения отрезков

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Статья. Тарас Вознюк, Василий Терещенко Факультет кибернетики, Киевский национальный университет имени Тараса Шевченко Киев, Украина 2010 В статье рассматривается оптимизация по времени алгоритма Балабана поиска детерминированного пересечения отрезков. Paper presents Balaban's algorithm modification. Most of calculations have been moved from children's nodes to parent, which gave additional performance.

Терещенко В.Н. Лекції по обчислювальній геометрії та комп'ютерній графіці

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Терещенко В.Н. Лекції по обчислювальній геометрії та комп'ютерній графіці КНУ імені Тараса Шевченка, факультет кібернетики Вступ Геометричний пошук: локалізація точки, регіональний пошук, оцінки складності Задачі близкості Задачі побудови опуклої оболонки: метод Грехема, метод Джарвіса, метод швидкобол, метод "розподіляй та володарюй", динамічні методи, наближені методи Структури даних: дерево відрізків, реберний список з подвійними зв’язками

Samet H. Applications of Spatial Data Structures. Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and GIS

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Издательство Addison-Wesley, 1990, -512 pp. The quadtree and octree are hierarchical data structures used to represent spatial data. They are based on the principle of recursive decomposition (similar to divide and con- conquer methods [Aho74]). This book focuses on the use of quadtree and octree representations of region data (in two and three dimensions, respectively) in applications in computer graphics, image processing, and geographic infor...