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Lohmann B. Angle and Spin Resolved Auger Emission: Theory and Applications to Atoms and Molecules
Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2009, 335 pages

Angle and spin resolved Auger emission physics deals with the theoretical and numerical description, analysis and interpretation of such types of experiments on free atoms and molecules. This monograph derives the general theory applying the density matrix formalism and, in terms of irreducible tensorial sets, so called state multipoles and order parameters, for parameterizing the atomic and molecular systems, respectively. It is the first book on angle and spin-resolved Auger emission. This work will be invaluable to experienced theoreticians and experimentalists seeking to gain a deeper understanding of some properties of atoms and molecules associated with multiple electron emission.
The main aim of this book is twofold. On the one hand, this book might be seen as a theoretical introduction into the broad field of angle and spin resolved electron emission processes, giving a comprehensive survey of nowadays Auger emission physics for the advanced pre- and post-graduate student. Strictly applying the methods of density matrix yields a general basis for the interpretation and analysis and leads to more advanced applications.
On the other hand, this book provides a comprehensive compendium for the active researcher on performed, current, and outlined foreseen research, related to the Auger decay, which might be useful for the planning and performing of even more exciting and sophisticated studies in a field of physics which conces areas of not only atomic and molecular physics, but also emerging fields like chemoor biophysical applications, or even quantum information. In addition, the kind of obtained data is important for the knowledge and interpretation of different types of radiation spectra observed from NASA, ESA and the Hubble Space Telescope which will provide a database on cross sections for electron impact excitation, of highly charged ions, electron-ion recombination, photoionization, charge transfers, and X-ray emission.
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