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Oates G.C. Aerothermodynamics of Gas Turbine and Rocket Propulsion
Third Edition. AIAA Education Series, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1997. 459 p. ISBN:1563472414

Chemical Rockets
Nonchemical Rockets
Airbreathing Engines
Fluid Flows
Thermodynamics and Quasi-One-Dimensional
The Laws of Thermodynamics
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
The First Law of Thermodynamics
The Reversible Process
Derived Properties: Enthalpy and Specific Heats
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
The Gibbs Equation
The Gibbs Function and the Helmholtz Function
Maxwell's Relations
General Relationships between Properties
The Perfect Gas
Quasi-One-Dimensional Fluid Flows
The First Law for a Flowing System-The Control
The Channel Flow Equations
Stagnation Properties
Property Variations in Channels
The Nozzle Flow Equations
Numerical Solutions of Equations
Chemical Rockets
Expression for the Thrust
Acceleration of a Rocket
Rocket Nozzle Performance
Elementary Chemistry
Determination of Chamber Conditions
Nozzle Flow of a Reacting Gas
Solid-Propellant Rockets
Nonchemical Rockets
The Nuclear-Heated Rocket
Electrically Powered Rockets
Ideal Cycle Analysis
Ideal Component Behaviors
The Ideal Thermodynamic Cycle
The Effect of Buing at Finite Mach Number
The Propulsive Efficiency, rip
Systems of Units
The Ideal Turbojet
Interpretation of the Behavior of the Specific Fuel
The Maximum Thrust Turbojet
The Ideal Turbojet with Afterbuing
The Turbofan with Separate Exhaust Streams
The Ideal Turbofan with Mixed Exhaust Streams
The Ideal Constant-Pressure Mixer
The Ideal Turbofan with Afterbuing
Component Performance
The Thrust Equation
The Inlet
The Compressor
The Buer
The Turbine
The Nozzle
Summary of Component Figures of Merit
Nonideal Cycle Analysis
The Turbojet
The Turbofan
The Turboprop or Prop Fan
The Effects of Nonconstant Specific Heats
Summary and Conclusions
Engine Off-Design Performance
Off-Design Analysis of the Turbojet
Off-Design Analysis of the Turbofan
Off-Design Analysis of the Turboprop
The Use of Component Characteristics
Limitations on the Accuracy of Component Characteristics
Engine Acceleration
Elementary Theory of Blade Aerodynamics
Two-Dimensional Incompressible Flow through
Blade Rows
Free Vortex Flow
Radial Equilibrium Flows
The Effects of Compressibility
Throughflow Theory
The Throughflow Equations
The Actuator Disk
Integral Relationships
Example Solutions
Advanced Problems in Throughflow Theory
Cascade Flows
Cascade Losses
Cascade Notation
Calculation Methods
Appendix A. Standard Atmosphere
Appendix B. SAE Gas Turbine Engine Notation
Appendix C. Oates Companion Software
Subject Index
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