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Poferl D.J. Thermodynamic and transport properties of air and the combustion products of natural gas and of ASTM-A-1 fuel with air
1969 53 pages The ratio of specific heats, molecular weight, viscosity, specific heat at constant prsure, thermal conductivity, and Prandtl number were calculated for air, the combus products of natural gas and air, and the combustion products of ASTM-A-1 jet fuel a air. These properties were calculated for temperatures from 300 to 2500 K, pressr of 3 and 10 atm (3.04~10 and 10.13~10 N/m ), and fuel-air ratios from zero to stc chiometric. Adiabatic combustion temperatures were also determined. The theorel data f o r thermal conductivity and Prandtl number were compared with experimental values of these properties available in the literature. Agreement between the theorc
and experimental data was within 5 percent.
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Butterworth-Heinemann, 2006. 504 p. ISBN:0123693942 Chemical propulsion comprises the science and technology of using chemical reactions of any kind to create thrust and thereby propel a vehicle or object to a desired acceleration and speed. This book focuses on recent advances in the design of very highly efficient, low-pollution-emitting propulsion systems, as well as advances in testing, diagnostics and analysis. It offers unique coverage of...

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Second Edition, Blackwell Science, 2004. Contents - Gas Turbine Engine Applications. The Operational Envelope. Properties and Charts for Dry Air, Combustion Products and other Working Fluids. Dimensionless, Quasidimensionless, Referred and Scaling Parameter Groups. Gas Turbine Engine Components. Design Point Performance and Engine Concept Design. Off Design Performance. Transient Performance. Starting. Windmilling. Engine Performance Testing. The...

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CRC Press, 2011. 348 p. ISBN:1420080202 Currently serving as a resource for the National Center for Toxological Research in their work with the Gulf Coast oil spill, this book presents current research conducted primarily by the airforce on the toxic effects of JP-8 jet fuel on the pulmonary, immune, dermal, and nervous systems. In all, the book considers 13 toxicology studies of significance, the results of which are currently shaping US armed...