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Simon G. Charles E. Merriam and the Chicago School of Political Science
The Edmund Janes James lecture delivered on October 10, 1985.

Анализ деятельности Чарльза Мерриама как ученого и организатора науки. Автор работы, Герберт Саймон, являлся одним из учеников Мерриама.
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Алюшин А.Л. Гарольд Лассуэлл о природе политической реальности

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Полис (Политические исследования). - 2006. - № 5. - С. 158 - 170. Harold Lasswell (1902 - 1978) is widely known in the world political science as the founder of political psychology. It was, in particular, thanks to a monograph published in 1930, Psychopathology and Politics, that he acquired that reputation. While acknowledging the book's merits, critics very soon pointed to the bias being observed in it, towards psychoanalytical interpretation...

Barrow Clyde. The Intellectual Origins of New Political Science

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In 1967, the burgeoning discontent of many political scientists culminated in the establishment of the Caucus for a New Political Science. The Caucus included political scientists of many diverse viewpoints, but it was united methodologically by a critique of behavioralism and by the idea that political science should abandon the myth of a value-free science. In recent years, political scientists have authored numerous commentaries on the trajedy...

Bentley A. The Process of Government: A Study of Social Pressures

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Фундаментальный труд американского ученого «Процесс государственного управления: изучение общественных давлений», изданный в 1908 г., представляет собой одну из первых работ в сфере изучения групп интересов в политике. Chicago: The university of chicago Press. , 1908. – 502 p. Part i.To prepare the way. chapter i. Feelings and faculties as causes. Chapter ii. ideas and ideals as causes. Chapter iii. Social will. chapter iv. Political science. cha...

Cooper B. Eric Voegelin and the Foundations of Modern Political Science

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This important new work is a major analysis of the foundation of Eric Voegelin's political science. Barry Cooper maintains that the writings Voegelin undertook in the 1940s provide the groundwork for the brilliant book that is one of his best known, The New Science of Politics. At the time of that book's publication, however, few were aware of the enormous knowledge and accomplished scholarship that lay behind its illuminating, although sometimes...

Dryzek John S., Honig B., Phillips A. The Oxford Handbook of Political Theory

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Серия: Oxford Handbooks of Political Science Long recognized as one of the main branches of political science, political theory has in recent years burgeoned in many different directions. Close textual analysis of historical texts sits alongside more analytical work on the nature and normative grounds of political values. Continental and post-modern influences jostle with ones from economics, history, sociology, and the law. Feminist concerns wi...

Goodin Robert E. and Klingemann Hans-Dieter A New Handbook of Political Science

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A New Handbook of Political Science. Contributors: Robert E. Goodin - editor, Hans-Dieter Klingemann - editor. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Place of Publication: Oxford. Publication Year: 1998. Р. 829 -iv- Contents Foreword xi Preface xiii Acknowledgments xvi Part I The Discipline 1 Political Science: The Discipline 3 Robert E. Goodin and Hans-Dieter Klingemann 2 Political Science: The History of the Discipline...

Heaney M. The Chicago School That Never Was

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Michael T. Heaney (2007). The Chicago School That Never Was. PS: Political Science & Politics, 40 , pp 753-758.

Heaney M., Hansen J.M. Building the Chicago School

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The Chicago School of Political Science, which emerged at the University of Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s, is widely known for its reconception of the study of politics as a scientific endeavor on the model of the natural sciences. Less attention has been devoted to the genesis of the school itself. In this article, we examine the scientific vision, faculty, curriculum, and supporting institutions of the Chicago School. The creation of the Chica...

Hilliard Charles. Lasswell’s Political Psychology Revisited

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It can be argued that the political psychology approach of Harold D. Lasswell has either been forgotten, devalued, or assumed to have been supplanted by his policy science approach by the current social sciences, especially by political psychologists. This does violence to the social sciences in general insofar as its exclusion from the canon of theoretical paradigms robs the social sciences of a useful and efficacious tool to explain much politi...

Kurian, G. Th. The Encyclopedia of Political Science

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Washington, D.C. CQ Press, 2011 1942 pp. ISBN 978-1-933116-44-0 Discipline of Political Science African Politics and Society American Politics and Society Asian Politics and Society Comparative Politics Constitutions and Constitutionalism Culture, Media, and Language Democracy and Democratization Ethics and Political Corruption European Politics and Society Federalism and Local Politics Foreign Policy Gender and Politics Globalisation and Polit...