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Glencoe. Quick Review Math Handbook. Book 2 (Student Edition)
McGraw-Hill, 2010. - 446 pages.

Quick Review Math Handbook helps students refresh their memory of mathematics concepts and skills. Each Handbook consists of 3 parts: HotWords, HotTopics, and HotSolutions.

HotWords are important mathematical terms. The HotWords section includes a glossary of terms, a collection of common or significant mathematical pattes, and lists of symbols and formulas in alphabetical order.

HotTopics are key concepts that students need to know. Each chapter in HotTopics has several topics that give students to-the-point explanations of key mathematical concepts. Each section includes Check It Out exercises to assist students to check for understanding, and there is an exercise set at the end of each topic.

HotSolutions (found in the back of the handbook) give students easy-to-locate answers to the Check It Out and What Do You Know? Problems.
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