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Knoll G.F. Radiation Detection and Measurement
Wiley, 3-d edition, 2000, 816 p.

A Classic Text on Radiation Detection and Measurement Now Updated and Expanded Building on the proven success of this widely-used text, the Third Edition will provide you with a clear understanding of the methods and instrumentation used in the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation. It provides in-depth coverage of the basic principles of radiation detection as well as illustrating their application in a full set of mode instruments. In addition to a complete description of well-established detection and spectroscopic methods, many recently developed approaches are also explored. These include extensive new discussions of semiconductor detectors with unique properties, recently developed scintillation materials and photomultiplier tubes, and several gas-filled detectors of new design.
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National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 7410 Woodmont Avenue / Bethesda, MD 20814, Issued December 31, 1991, NCRP Report No. 112 This report is part of a series prepared under the auspices of Scientific Committee 46, Operational Radiation Safety. It provides guidance on the calibration of survey instruments for the assessment of ionizing radiation fields and radioactive surface contamination. One essential element in the effect...

Knoll G.F. Radiation Detection and Measurement

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Wiley, 3-d edition, 2000, 816 p. Классический учебник по курсу "Регистрация и измерение ионизирующего излучения" в обновленном и расширенном третьем издании предоставит читателю четкое представление о методах и приборах, используемые для обнаружения и измерения характеристик различных видов проникающей радиации. Книга представляет углубленное освещение основных принципов обнаружения радиации, а также в полной мере иллюстрирует применение совреме...

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Neutron Imaging: A Non-Destructive Tool for Materials Testing

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IAEA, Report of a coordinated research project 2003–2006, Vienna, 2008 Neutron radiography is a powerful tool for non-destructive testing of materials for industrial applications and research. The neutron beams from research reactors and spallation neutron sources have been extensively and successfully used for neutron radiography over the last few decades. The special features of neutron interaction with matter make it possible to inspect bulk...

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2nd ed. - Tayllor&Francis, 1995, -614p. (Анг. язык) Материалы в этой книге, которая является результатом 10-летнего опыта, накопленного автором в преподавании курсов, связанных с радиационными измерениями в университете Миссури-Ролла (США), предназначены для введения учащегося в предмет экспериментальные методы ядерной физики. Книга включает в себя не только то, что новичок должен выучить, но и некоторые справочные материалы, которые потребую...

Van Grieken R., Markowicz A.A. (Eds.) Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry

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2nd edition, Revised and Expanded - Marcel Dekker, 2002, 985 pages Updates fundamentals and applications of all modes of x-ray spectrometry. Promotes the accurate measurement of samples while reducing the scattered background in the x-ray spectrum. X-ray Physics Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Using X-ray Tube Excitation Spectrum Evaluation Quantification of Infinitely Thick Specimens by X...