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Calibration of survey instruments user in radiation protection for the assessment of ionizing radiation field and radioactive surface contamination
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 7410 Woodmont Avenue / Bethesda, MD 20814, Issued December 31, 1991, NCRP Report No. 112

This report is part of a series prepared under the auspices of Scientific Committee 46, Operational Radiation Safety. It provides guidance on the calibration of survey instruments for the assessment of ionizing radiation fields and radioactive surface contamination. One essential element in the effective use of survey instruments is the knowledge that instruments are properly calibrated, i. e. , responding accurately when exposed to a source of ionizing radiation which has been characterized through appropriate comparative measurements with standards maintained by a primary or secondary calibration laboratory. This report discusses the factors which must be considered during calibration in order to increase confidence in measurements made for radiation protection purposes with portable survey instruments.
Considerations in the Calibration Process
Calibration Facility
Calibration of Photon Measuring Instruments for Exteal Radiation Field Evaluation
Calibration of Beta Dose-Measuring Instruments for Exteal Radiation Field Evaluation
Calibration of Portable Instruments for the Assessment of Neutron Radiation Fields
Calibration of Field Instrumentation for the Assessment of Surface Contamination
Photon Source Related Considerations
Photon-Measuring Instrument Calibration Techniques
Examples of Calibrations in Photon Radiation Fields
Calibration of a Source Using an Extrapolation Chamber (ISO)
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