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Kupriyanov L.Yu. Semiconductor Sensors in Physico-Chemical Studies
Elsevier Science, 1996, Pages: 400

The monograph is devoted to scientific basis of semiconductor chemical sensors technique. Its attention is focused at the usage of semiconductor sensors in the precision physico-chemical studies. The monograph expounds physical and chemical basis underlying the semiconductor sensor method, discusses the mechanism of processes occurring under interaction of gas with semiconductor adsorbent surface, leading to changed electrophysical parameters of the latter.
The monograph is intended for the scientists and engineers specialized in physical-chemistry of heterogeneous and heterogeneoushomogeneous processes and designing of semiconductor chemical sensors.

Physical and chemical basics of the method of semiconductor sensors
The theory of adsorption-induced response of electrophysical characteristics in semiconductor adsorbent. The methods of quatitative detection
Experimental studies of the effect of adsorption of active particles on the conductivity of semiconductor sensors
Application of semiconductor sensors in experimental investigation of physical-chemical processes
Interaction electron-excited particles of gaseous phase with solid surface
Application of semiconductor sensors to study emission of active particles from the surface of solid state
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