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Lack W. Richard. Safety, Health, and Asset Protection: Management Essentials, Second Edition
ISBN 1-56670-370-0 . Published: 2002 by CRC Press - 889 Pages
Edited By: Richard Lack, Safety and Protection Services Consulting, Wyoming, USA

Features: Provides a blueprint for setting up and monitoring an effective safety and health program; Updates fundamental issues such as recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental and occupational safety and health hazards; Emphasizes the management aspects of each area covered; Provides a unique overview of management knowledge and skills required by asset protection professionals; Includes coverage of inteational safety and health.

When you need accurate, up-to-date information in the rapidly changing field of asset protection, you need the most authoritative resource available. You need Safety, Health, and Asset Protection: Management Essentials, Second Edition. It covers regulatory compliance, technical standards, legal aspects, risk management, and training requirements. The chapters on communication and management skills assist you in functioning as an effective member of your unit's management team. In light of the global workplace, the book highlights some of the technical standards and cultural approaches to asset protection in the inteational arena.

Written by widely experienced asset protection practitioners and edited by one of the field's most experienced professionals, Safety, Health, and Asset Protection: Management Essentials, Second Edition has been extensively revised and expanded to ensure that you will have the essential information required to maintain competency and confidence in your profession.

Where Have We Been? R. Lack
What Works Today? A Safety Professional's Viewpoint, R. Lack
Safety Program Management Aspects
Safety Program Organization, R. Lack
Safety Standards, P. Rice
Engineering Design and Construction: Safety Management Aspects, S. McConnell
Overview of the Key Elements of a Systematic Safety Management Program, R. Lack
Training, Interest and Motivation - Practical Applications that Work, J. Woeer
Investigating and Reporting Incidents, G. Swartz
Principles, Objectives, and Techniques for Effective Health and Safety Management, H. Woessner
Process Safety Management - A Global Impact, M. Hansen
Mode Management Principles and Their Application to Safety and Health, R. Lack
Addressing the Human Dynamics of Occupational Safety and Health, E. Geller
Improving Safety Performance through Cultural Interventions, S. Simon and R. Carillo
A Holistic, Integrated Approach to Improving Unsafe Attitudes and Behaviors Can Produce Lasting Change, M. Topf
The Basic Essential of Safety Management: Supportive Organizational Culture, J. Erickson
Safety Performance Measurement: New Approaches, J. Williams
Ethics and Professional Conduct within the Safety and Health Profession, P. Ulmer
Environmental Management Aspects
Environmental and Hazardous Materials Management Aspects, M. Bowman and R. Spencer
EPA's Risk Management Program, M. Hansen
Health Program Management Aspects
Overview of the Key Elements of an Effective Occupational Health Management Program, B. Cooper, E. Dehr, and A. Lawrence
Shiftwork: Scheduling Impacts on Safety and Health, J. Seward
Psychological Risk Factors and Their Effects on Safe Work Performance, B. Newman
Ergonomics for Managers - A Practitioner's Perspective, D. Morelli
Principles of Risk Communication, M. Fischman and L. Reinke
Practical Application of Occupational Health Programs, N. Peterson
Safety and Health Management: Regulatory Compliance Aspects
Safety and Health Management - Regulatory Compliance Aspects, G. Gillotti
The Regulatory Viewpoint - Califoia Standards: A Regulator's Perspective on Safety and Health Management, T. Hanley
An Employer's Viewpoint - Standards and Compliance, P. Rice
Legal Aspects
An Overview of Regulatory Compliance and Legal Liability Issues, M. Hickey and M. Allain
An Overview of Product Liability, K. Colonna and S. McConnell
Risk Management Aspects
Risk Management: Its Application to Safety and Health, G. Colletta
Asset Protection Management Aspects
Security, J. Camwood
Fire Protection: Pressure Vessels, Boilers, and Machinery, P. Schontag and R. Panero
Professional Management Aspects
How to be a Successful Safety Advisor, R. Lapidus
Developing Effective Leadership Skills - How to Become a Successful Change Agent in Your Organization, P. Taylor
Interpersonal Communications, L. Benjamin
Techniques to Make You a Successful Negotiator, D. Gray
The Role of a Safety Manager and Safety Leader, M. Settles
Essentials of Effective Influence, J. Adams
Creative Problem-Solving Techniques, A. Robinson and H. Young
Effective Writing: Guidelines for Clear Communication, Y. Alexander
Managing Diversity in the Workplace, S. Thiederman
Total Quality Management and Safety and Health, R. Lack
Integrating Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Issues Into One Management System, M. Hansen
Beyond Teamwork: How the Safety and Health Practitioner Can Foster the New Workplace Community, C. Shaffer
New Directions in Safety Communications, B. Zahara
Training Aspects
Managing Workplace Safety and Health Training, M. Bishow
Safety and Health Employee Training Sessions, M. Bishow and R. Lack
Developing Effective Presentation Skills, R. Fish and K. Braly
Inteational Developments
Global Safety and Health Management, K. Seabrook
Inteational Organization for Standards ISO 9000:1994 and ISO 9000:2000: The Effect on the Global Safety Community, M. Hansen
Standards of Competence
Standards of Competence, R. Brauer
Afterword: The Future
Where are We Going? - An Educator's Perspective, J. Thomas
Safety and Health: Managing Using Computer Technology, D. Fender
The Safety and Health Professional of the Future, R. Lack
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