Корпоративное управление
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Solomon J., Solomon A. Corporate Governance and Accountability
John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2004. – 318 pages.

Interest in corporate goveance is growing at an exponential rate. Improvements in corporate goveance practice are being orchestrated at a global level. Inteational bodies such as the Organization for Economic Development (OECD) are developing inteationally acceptable standards of corporate goveance.
The text includes a number of contemporary illustrations and case studies, and provides students with questions for re?ection and discussion at the end of each chapter. The text is designed speci?cally to accompany a one-semester module in corporate goveance and is oriented toward undergraduates studying accounting and ?nance, business and management, as well as toward MBA (Master of Business Administration) and other postgraduate students taking modules with a corporate goveance component. However, given the growing interest in corporate goveance issues, we hope that a wide range of other readers may ?nd the book useful.
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Cambridge University, 2011. - 482 р. Учебник на английском языке. Jean Jacques du Plessis, J. J. Du Plessis, Mirko Bagaric, Anil Hargovan "Принципы современного корпоративного управления" Part One: Basic concepts, board structures and company officers. Part Two: Corporate governance in Australia. Part Three: Corporate governance in international and global contexts. Part Four: Business ethics and future direction.