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Aufmann R.N., Barker V.C., Lockwood J. Prealgebra
Brooks Cole, 2008. - 5th edition.
Prealgebra, 5/e, is a consumable worktext that helps students make the transition from the concrete world of arithmetic to the symbolic world of algebra. The Aufmann team achieves this by introducing variables in Chapter 1 and integrating them throughout the text. This text's strength lies in the Aufmann Interactive Method, which enables students to work with math concepts as they're being introduced. Each set of matched-pair examples is organized around an objective and includes a worked example and a You Try It example for students. In addition, the program emphasizes AMATYC standards, with a special focus on real-sourced data. The Fifth Edition incorporates the hallmarks that make Aufmann developmental texts ideal for students and instructors: an interactive approach in an objective-based framework; a clear writing style; and an emphasis on problem solving strategies, offering guided leaing for both lecture-based and self-paced courses. The authors introduce two new exercises designed to foster conceptual understanding: Interactive Exercises and Think About It exercises.
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