Физическая культура и спорт
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Asthana V. Know All About Games & Sports
Abhishek Publications, 2009. - 232 pages .


Table Tennis
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Peters M. Computational Fluid Dynamics for Sport Simulation

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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2009, 127 pages All over the world sport plays a prominent role in society: as a leisure activity for many, as an ingredient of culture, as a business and as a matter of national prestige in such major events as the World Cup in soccer or the Olympic Games. Hence, it is not surprising that science has entered the realm of sports, and, in particular, that computer simulation has become highly relevant in recent years. Th...

Tuvan national sports

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Статья на английском языке по тувинским видам спорта: Khuresh, Tevek, Chess,Archery. Khuresh is a national wrestling. A wrestler, having touched the ground with any part of his body, except with his knee, is announced to be the loser. The winner helps the loser rise to his feet and, using the right hand of his own as if shakes off the dust from him, in token of respect to the latter one. Afterwards, he performs Devig – the dance of eagle.