Физическая культура и спорт
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Hideo Otake. Opening theory made easy
In Go, there are many aspects of the game in which we can develop. That makes it hard to know where to start. But, if you are between 20 kyu and 5 kyu, and you’re looking to improve your game. Opening theory made easy, by Otake Hideo, will help lead you to the next level.

The main topic is the fuseki, that’s the start of the game. Simply put we can call it the first 20 moves. So what better than a collection of 20 principles, too improve your fuseki.

The book consists of 3 chapters.

The first chapter contains 7 principles, and is about the fundamentals. They explain the basic ideas that will help you understand the opening. These principals will guide you through all your future games.

The second chapter is about shape. Here, Otake Hideo, talks about the mistakes that are often made during the opening. He explains why they are wrong and shows better fitting sequences.

In the last chapter he talks about basic strategies one can use for different situations. Whether it’s for attack or defense, these pricipals will help those who want to lea and understand the opening.