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Logan Syd. GTK+ Programming in C
2002 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 866 pages. ISBN 0-13-014264-6
Книга подробно описывает библиотеку оконных элементов GTK+ для программистов не знакомых с этой библиотекой.
GTK+ in context
Hello GTK+!
Signals, events, objects, and types
Labels and buttons
Window and dialogs
Separators, arrows, images, pixmaps, and entry widgets
Container and classes
More container classes
Range widgets and adjustment objects
Text and spinbutton widgets
Miscellaneous widgets
От издателя:
Syd Logan covers everything programmers need to begin immediately building powerful graphical applications with Gtk+
1.2. Gtk+ Programming in C covers all this and more:
The fundamentals of linux/UNIX programming in C
A quick Gtk+ startup section for novices: constructing simple applications, step by step
Understanding Gtk+'s flexible C-based, object-oriented architecture
Working with signals, events, objects, and types
Comprehensive widgets coverage: base, menu, layout, range, scroll bar, scale,
container, text, and more
Creating and using dialogs
Container and Bin classes
Expert introductions to the GLIB and GDK libraries
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