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Wilson J.D., Hern?ndez C.A. Physics Laboratory Experiments
7th edition, Brooks/ Cole, 2010, 524 pages

This market-leading manual for the first-year physics laboratory course offers a wide range of class-tested experiments designed specifically for use in small to mid-size lab programs. A series of integrated experiments emphasizes the use of computerized instrumentation and includes a set of "computer-assisted experiments" to allow students and instructors to gain experience with mode equipment. This option also enables instructors to determine the appropriate balance between traditional and computer-based experiments for their courses. By analyzing data through two different methods, students gain a greater understanding of the concepts behind the experiments. The Seventh Edition is updated with the latest information and techniques involving state-of-the-art equipment, and a new Guided Leaing feature addresses the growing interest in guided-inquiry pedagogy. The seventh edition of Physics Laboratory Experiments has 35 experiments, with 15 additional customized
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Cappella B., Dietler G. Force-distance curves by atomic force microscopy

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Elsevier Surface Science Reports 34 (1999) p.1-104 Atomic force microscopy (AFM) force-distance curves have become a fundamental tool in several fields of research, such as surface science, materials engineering, biochemistry and biology. Furthermore, they have great importance for the study of surface interactions from a theoretical point of view. Force-distance curves have been employed for the study of numerous materials properties and for t...

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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2010, 228 pages In recent years there have been great advances in the fields of laboratory and astronomical spectroscopy. These have been equally matched by large-scale computations using state-of-the-art theoretical methods. The accurate atomic opacities that are available today play a great role in the field of biomedical research using nanotechnology. The first two sections were devoted to the general aspects of Atom...

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SpringerWienNewYork, 2010, 185 pages, 110 Figures There is a growing need in both industrial and academic research to obtain accurate quantitative results from continuous wave (CW) electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) experiments. This book describes various sample-related, instrument-related and software-related aspects of obtaining quantitative results from EPR experiments. Some specific items to be discussed include: selection of a reference...

Franklin A. The Neglect of Experiment

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Cambridge University Press , 1989, 290 Pages What role have experiments played, and should they play, in physics? How does one come to believe rationally in experimental results? The Neglect of Experiment attempts to provide answers to both of these questions. Professor Franklin's approach combines the detailed study of four episodes in the history of twentieth century physics with an examination of some of the philosophical issues involved. Th...

Giessibl F.J. Advances in atomic force microscopy

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Review of Modern Physics, volume 75, july 2003 p.1-35 This article reviews the progress of atomic force microscopy in ultrahigh vacuum, starting with its invention and covering most of the recent developments. Today, dynamic force microscopy allows us to image surfaces of conductors and insulators in vacuum with atomic resolution. The most widely used technique for atomic-resolution force microscopy in vacuum is frequency-modulation atomic force...

Hartmann J.-M., Boulet Ch., Robert D. Collisional Effects on Molecular Spectra: Laboratory experiments and models, consequences for applications

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Elsevier Science, 2008, pages: 432 Gas phase molecular spectroscopy is a powerful tool for obtaining information on the geometry and internal structure of isolated molecules as well as on the interactions that they undergo. It enables the study of fundamental parameters and processes and is also used for the sounding of gas media through optical techniques. It has been facing always renewed challenges, due to the considerable improvement of exp...

Kraftmakher Y. Experiments And Demonstrations in Physics: Bar-ilan Physics Laboratory

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World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007, Pages: 533 The book is addressed to physicists involved in teaching physics at different levels (high school, college, and university), and to advanced students. Mainly, the book contains computer-assisted experiments and demonstrations. As a rule, such experiments may be performed in a short time, and many of the laboratory experiments may also serve as lecture demonstrations. Most of the experiments an...

Lohmann B. Angle and Spin Resolved Auger Emission: Theory and Applications to Atoms and Molecules

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Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2009, 335 pages Angle and spin resolved Auger emission physics deals with the theoretical and numerical description, analysis and interpretation of such types of experiments on free atoms and molecules. This monograph derives the general theory applying the density matrix formalism and, in terms of irreducible tensorial sets, so called state multipoles and order parameters, for parameterizing the atomic and molecular sy...

McKay T.C. Physical Measurements in Sound, Light, Electricity and Magnetism

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Berkeley: Stanley-Taylor Company, 1908, 196 p. This book is primarily intended as a text-book in physical measurements and a laboratory manual for second year students in physics at the University of California. At this institution there is offered to first year students a laboratory course in mechanics, properties of matter, and heat. The subjects considered in this book are therefore Sound, Light, Electricity, and Magnetism. The experiments he...

Williams D. (ed.). Methods of Experimental Physics. Vol. 3. Molecular Physics

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Academic Press Inc, 1962. - 775 pages. With the presentation of this volume on molecular physics we reach just about the half-way mark in the publication of our series on experimental physics. This occasion gives me a chance to review briefly the present status of the whole series and the expectations for finishing the Nuclear Physics, 5A, is going job. First of all the companion volume to I sincerely hope to come out soon. The manuscripts are c...