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Zhu W.Q., Lin Y.K., Cai G.Q. IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics and Control
1st Edition. Springer, 2011. 538 p. ISBN 978-94-007-0731-3

Non-linear stochastic systems are at the center of many engineering disciplines and progress in theoretical research had led to a better understanding of non-linear phenomena. This book provides information on new fundamental results and their applications which are beginning to appear across the entire spectrum of mechanics. The outstanding points of these proceedings are Coherent compendium of the current state of modelling and analysis of non-linear stochastic systems from engineering, applied mathematics and physics point of view. Subject areas include: Multiscale phenomena, stability and bifurcations, control and estimation, computational methods and modelling. For the Engineering and Physics communities, this book will provide first-hand information on recent mathematical developments. The applied mathematics community will benefit from the modelling and information on various possible applications.
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Springer, 2003. - 296 pages. In World Mathematical Year 2000 the traditional St. Flour Summer School was hosted jointly with the European Mathematical Society.Sergio Albeverio reviews the theory of Dirichlet forms, and givesapplications including partial differential equations, stochastic dynamics of quantum systems, quantum fields and the geometry of loop spaces. The second text, by Walter Schachermayer, is an introduction to the basic concepts...

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Schulz M. Control Theory in Physics and Other Fields of Science: Concepts, Tools, and Applications

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Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2006, 300 pages This book covers systematically and in a simple language the mathematical and physical foundations of controlling deterministic and stochastic evolutionary processes in systems with a high degree of complexity. Strong emphasis is placed on concepts, methods and techniques for modelling, assessment and the solution or estimation of control problems in an attempt to understand the large variability of these...