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Taylor P. Moodle 1.9 for Design and Technology
Pаckt Рublishing. 2010. - 271 p.

Educators use the Moodle web application to create effective online leaing sites. Creating such leaing environments that suit Design and Technology subjects requires understanding and implementation of both basic and advanced Moodle features.
This book takes a detailed look at Moodle features with examples of how to fully support the Design and Technology curricula using Moodle. It will guide you to incorporate specific modules and blocks to enhance leaing as well as allow detailed tracking of performance by using formative and summative assessment tools with ease.
We start with setting up a very basic Moodle course for Design and Technology, and then set up some basic resources and some interactive material.

Support and Enhance Food Technology, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Construction, and the Built Environment using Moodle VLE

- Customize your courses
- Create a course for each of the key areas of Design and Technology and add material to them
- Support and assess the progress of the students who are enrolled in the course
- Use Moodle's detailed and sophisticated gradebook to assess your students' leaing progress in activities from assignments to offline activities
- Create Moodle resources for kinesthetic leaers by using media-rich content such as videos and audio sequences
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