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Beard Henry (Henricus Barbatus). X-Treme Latin (Lingua Latina Extrema): All the Latin You Need to Know for Surviving the 21st Century
New York: Gotham Books, 2004. — 127 p. — ISBN 0-7865-5370-7.
Юмористический англо-латинский разговорник, в котором современные американские реалии переданы средствами классической латыни.
A Little Story.
Latin Aptitude Test.
Romulus and Remus Jokes.
The Legion of Superheroes.
T-shirt Slogans.
Bumper Stickers.
Reality TV.
Hardball Talk Shows.
Ultimate Sports.
Trash Talk in the Colosseum.
Spring Break.
Country Music Favorites.
Chilling Out.
Road Rage.
Air Rage.
Waing Labels.
Caesar's PowerPoint Presentation.
Top 10 Reasons to Live in the Time of the Caesars.
That Old-Time Religion.
Mob Banter.
New Age Discourse.
Hollywood Latin.
Sushi Bar Chitchat.
Computer Language.
Car Talk.
B.S. 57
Small Talk during a Colonoscopy.
Medical Confab.
Homeland Security.
Useful Phrases for Barbarian Evildoers.
Game Boy Chatter.
Mode Vatican Latin.
Leaed Latin for Lovers.
Classical Kiss-offs.
Useful Syntax.
You Know You May Be a Roman If.
Restaurant 'Tude.
The Bestseller List.
Latin for Trekkies.
Attack Ads.
Business Latin.
Furat Emptor.
Jury Duty.
Stealth Latin.
Stealth Latin for Golfers.
Bad Latin, the Dirty Dozen.