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Buasawan S., Benjawan P.B. Lao for beginners
Учебник лаосского языка для начинающих с мр3 сопровождением на 3 CD, Бангкок, Paiboon Publishing, 2003, 137с PDF
Guide to pronounciation
1.Greetings. Questions. Pronouns. Numbers. Consonants. Tones. Vowels.
2. To be. Vowels (continue). Syllables. Tones (continue).
3. Colours. Future tense. Vowels (continue). Final consonants. Tones (continue).
4. Time. High consonants. Tones for high consonants.
5. Days of week. Months. Tone marks. Low consonants.
6. Want. To be .ing. Tone rules for low consonants.
7. To hear. To remember. To fall asleep. To look. Tone rules for low consonants (continue).
8. Body parts. Every day life. Silent sounds.
9. Family. Occupation. Animals. Punctuation. Reading practise.
10. Comparisons. Adjectives. Classifiers. Reading practise.
Приложение 1
Useful words and phrases
Приложение 2
Writing system
Приложение 3
Test and writing exercises answers
CD 1
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CD 2
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CD 3