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Clason W.E. Elsevier's lexicon of international and national units: English/American, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian / Лексикон международных и национальных единиц измерения на англ., нем., исп., фр
Amsterdam: Elsevier Publishing Company, 1964. — 75 p. — ASIN: B003ZVTSG8
Лексикон международных и национальных единиц измерения на английском, немецком, испанском, французском, итальянском, японском, голландском, португальском, польском, шведском и русском языках.
The object of this book is to put in the hands of all those working on scientific or technical subjects a guide containing an indication of the meaning and value of inteationally and nationally used units. The availability of such a vade mecum is not only important in view of the fact that due to the large number of units it is hardly possible always to remember its exact meaning but also because in our era of the rapid development of science and technology nobody has the time to consult various scientific and technical textbooks in every case.
Another reason for publishing this book is that by adopting the Giorgi system of units, a number of units used until now and frequently encountered in scientific and technical literature, are doomed to disappear. This booklet will facilitate the task of the scientific and technical worker in understanding all the literature.
The national units of weights and measures have been included to enlarge the usability.
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