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Ehrman M.E., Sos K., Kheang K.H. Contemporary Cambodian: The Land and the Economy
Washington, D.C.: Foreign Service Institute, 1973. — 358 p.
Эрман М. Э., Сос К., Кхеанг К. Х. Современный кхмерский язык: экономика и хозяйство (на англ. яз.)
Small Business.
Who Controls Cambodian Commerce?
The Fish Industry.
The Physical Features of Cambodia.
The Climate.
The Land.
Bringing in the Rice Harvest.
The Lumbering Industry.
Natural Resources.
Who is a Cambodian?
Growing Rice, Vegetables and Fruits.
The Gov-t's Role in the Economy.
The DIstribution of Money and Goods.
Animal Husbandry.
Questions for Comprehension.
Cambodian-English Glossary.