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Gilles P., Moulin C. Luxembourgish (Language Standardization)
Статья из сборника
Germanic Standardizations Past to Present, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam , 2003,
ISBN 90 272 1856 0, pp. 303-329
В статье на английском языке рассматривается процесс стандартизации люксембургского языка.
Compared to the high level of standardization of German or English, Luxembourgish is today still at a relatively early stage of the standardization process (cf. Kramer 1994). After a summary of the sociohistorical background of Luxembourg's multilingual speech community in section one, section two deals with the process of norm selection, focusing mainly on macro-sociolinguistic developments such as the emancipation of Luxembourgish as a language in its own right, dialect levelling and the increased use of Luxembourgish as a written language. Section three concentrates on aspects of the current process of codification, and finally, in section four issues of norm elaboration and acceptance will be discussed.